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  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Administration & Office Staff
White, Kristi Principal 253-571-4105
Toohey, Maura Assistant Principal  & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-4108
Morgan, Diane Office Coordinator 253-571-4101
Stroll, Jordan Office Secretary 253-571-4002
Staff Alphabetical by Last Name
Aaron, Jennifer 1st Grade Educator 253-571-4157
Adame, Iris Preschool Inclusion Educator 253-571-4035
Andren, Kris Education Support Professional 253-571-4149
Balala, Ann Title I Educator 253-571-4050
Beaupain, Cathy Physical Therapist 253-571-4061
Belkevich, Sue Head Cook 253-571-4146
Bentley, Jane 1st Grade Educator 253-571-4155
Chappell, Tracy Physical Therapist 253-571-4061
Chatman, Tim Chief Custodian 253-571-4177
Cochran, Stephanie Speech Language Pathologist 253-571-4190
Dichoco, Jayra Education Support Professional/SUCCESS 253-571-4072
Dickmann, Julie 1st Grade Educator 253-571-4161
Edge, Ebony ESP School Support 253-571-4100
Foltz, Amanda Instructional Coach/ K-3 Collaborative 253-571-4087
Garman, Kanaya Kindergarten  Educator 253-571-4160
Goyenechea, Melia English Language Learners Educator 253-571-4053
Greco, Jeana 4th Grade Educator 253-571-4023
Green, Rebecca Social Worker 253-571-4109
Hardcastle, Erik SUCCESS Educator 253-571-4126
Hargis, Linda Kindergarten Educator 253-571-4158
Hem, Ivory Night Custodian 253-571-4177
Hendrix, Debra 4th Grade Educator 253-571-4021
Holt, Cathy Physical Education Educator 253-571-4178
Horwath, Jon Psychologist 253-571-4113
Hundley, Melinda 5th Grade Educator 253-571-4028
Hungria, Melissa 2nd Grade Educator 253-571-4085
Hyneman, Janice ECEAP Lead Teacher 253-571-4034
Iverson, Sarah Physical Therapist Assistant 253-571-4061
Jaback, Heidi Registered Nurse 253-571-4103
Juan, Heather Occupational Therapist 253-571-4071
Lake, Shannon 3rd Grade Educator 253-571-4086
Libhart, Doris ESP Special Education Preschool 253-571-4035
 Lohrey, Adrianna ESP Special Education Preschool 253-571-4035
Maltos, James Education Support Professional 253-571-4050
Mamon, Merrissa Education Support Professional/ SUCCESS 253-571-4126
Mautz, Lydia English Language Learners Educator 253-571-4053
McNamara, Brien Education Support Professional/SUCCESS 253-571-4072
Melnic, Maria Cashier/Cook 253-571-4146
Mitchell, Cheri Music Educator 253-571-4174
Morgan, Diane Office Coordinator 253-571-4101
Moser, Tiffani Learning Resource Center Educator 253-571-4054
Murray, Kayla 2/3 Grade Educator 253-571-4080
Neas, Sandra Cook 253-571-4146
Olson, Trina Occupational Therapist Assistant 253-571-4071
Pansevicius, Danielle Kindergarten Educator 253-571-4156
Porter, Melissa Counselor 253-571-4112
Powers (Clapp), Rebecca 5th Grade Educator 253-571-4027
Ruiz, Gaby ECEAP Family Liaison 253-571-4107
Santana, Nicole ECEAP Teacher Assistant 253-571-4034
Smith, Lakeisha 4th Grade Educator 253-571-4024
Spadoni, Brenna 2nd Grade Educator 253-571-4088
Spitzer, Mitzi Library Educator 253-571-4016
Spivey, Ashley 3rd Grade Educator 253-571-4081
Stroll, Jordan Office Secretary 253-571-4002
Thornton, Hannah SUCCESS Educator 253-571-4072
Toohey, Maura Assistant Principal  & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-4108
Tressler, Deanna Learning Assistance Plan Educator 253-571-4051
Tucker, Myisha Health Room Clerk 253-571-4103
Weigner, Lydia 5th Grade Educator 253-571-4022
White, Kristi Principal 253-571-4105
Wormley, Kristen K-3 Collaborative Educator 253-571-4132



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